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3D CADs design

Thanks to 3D CADs we can easily design machines to the minimum details, as they give the design ease and speed of modification. 3D CADs allow also to control much more easily the possible interferences between groups, giving then the possibility to test already in the design phase to understand if each designed particular works. They are one [...]


Quality and precision: our key values

Quality and precision are hinge points of mechanical design, the characteristics form which a good technical firm can’t prescind. An so why we want underline that quality and precision are our key values? Because we love our work. Because this passion allows us to produce the best solutions to clients’ needs and to ideate machines [...]


Vanguard industrial automation

Technology has a changing nature. It's his duty to constantly update itself, in order to respond to the increasingly detailed needs of the industry. It’s where the vanguard industrial automation is born. But what is it? It’s the interaction of: new production technologies IT infrastructures aimed at integrating digital and physical systems high performance systems [...]



Since in the last 55 years in our technical firm we designed industrial machinery of different sectors, in the design of new machines for new products we believe we can offer our customers different possible solutions, with the possibility of being evaluated to be then adopted. For this reason, the machine which comes out from [...]



The bending is a processing of plastic deformation that allows to obtain open section elements, developed essentially in the length direction. It consists in subjecting the sheet to a bending stress with a load higher than the elastic limit, to deform it permanently. The equipment used is a mold consisting of a punch and a [...]


Experience Pills

Today we start our "Experience Pills" section. All those little formulas and sheets which are useful to us in order to speed up and improve our work will be put at your disposal a little at a time. We hope that they will be useful to you as much as they have been for us [...]


Welcome to the official site

Dear visitor, we’re happy to welcome you on the official Trippa e Longhi's website. We want to dedicate the first article of the news section to the presentation of our company: the mechanical technical firm Trippa e Longhi has been present in the mechanical design scene in Bologna for over fifty years. Bologna can boast [...]