In the construction of any mechanical machinery, the construction drawing of every detail is fundamental.

Thanks to a particular attention to the geometry of pieces and their processing, we are able to reduce production costs to the minimum, while still guaranteeing the proper functioning.

Our technical firm offers this service for all companies that don’t have time to complete their researches, or simply to draw each particular. For us it’s enough to receive the project of the group or the machine (in 2D or 3D) and we’ll take care of the details drafting, obviously following the rules imposed by your company.

One of our fundamental rules is: designs produced by Trippa and Longhi are checked one by one!


Do you need to modify an old machine born on the drawing boards? Or to update your paper files to three-dimensional? With the various CAD systems at our disposal, we are able to detect entire machines and then make some changes or even remodel them completely!

The strength of 3D CADs is ease and speed of change, together with the ability to control much more easily the possible interferences between groups, making it quick and easy to update an old glory.


Thanks to all our collaborations, we’re able to design a vast range of machines. Don’t you know how to move a box or bag a product? We’ll take care of it, planning the machine that’s right for you!

To do our best, we use the most advanced methods of technology – 3D CADs, analysis and dynamic simulations – to provide you with a complete and optimized product.

We are able to develop new projects starting from an idea, but also to modernize machinery already in use in your company.


Thanks to these useful computer tools, we drastically reduce the problems which could be created during the assembly due to an excessive load or a too high acceleration … and it’s not all!

We can even reduce the cycle time by refining the phase diagram, observing step by step the movements of the machine even before it’s built. And less cycle time means more production using the same machine!



AutoCAD Mechanical


Inventor Professional

Dassault Systèmes



Solid Edge




Creo Direct Modeling (ex CoCreate)
Creo Parametric (ex Pro/ENGINEER)


Creo Elements Direct Drafting (ex ME10)



The software you currently use is not listed? No problem! Our experience teaches us that it’s not so much the tool used but the competence in designing the machines that makes ours a quality work! Above all that’s because we can boast a wide experience in terms of diversified customers, sectors, machines and CAD.

When we start a new working relationship with a company, one of our designers is available to spend some time by the customer alongside an internal designer, as to learn the company regulations and the correct use of the CAD adopted.

Mental flexibility and ease of learning are two essential qualities to join our staff.

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